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Horse Tail Extension Covers

Tail Covers

Protect your investment!

All bags are made from a Cotton or Cotton Blend. If there's any moisture in your tail extension when you store it away between shows, the hair can mildew and rot. Natural cotton fabric allows your show horses tail extension to breathe while stored in the trailer, therefore eliminating the chance of damage and mildew. There are no zippers or velcro on these covers eliminating the chance of rotting. Held on with a durable drawstring at the top, there is no chance of ripping hairs. Bags are approximately 5"x40" so they will cover 1/2 pounds to 2 pound tails. Bags are $5 a piece with an extension or $8 without. Custom colors (those not listed) can be ordered with five or more bags purchased. Shipping is free with an extension.

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Tail Cover 1
Tail Cover 2
Tail Cover 3

Solid Colors

(All solid colors are currently backordered)

Patterns can be ordered below.

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Pattern Tail Covers


Ordering with an extension?
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