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I am a small, individually run, home business. All tails are made by hand with high expectations. I personally own and show all of my own horses and I only make what I personally would use. All tails are glued from the inside out and then wired to ensure they will not come apart and I use the highest quality materials. All tails are 100% natural horse hair and are legal in all breed associations which allow "hair on hair" attachment methods. I am also one of the few companies that offers a full return and exchange policy as well as lifetime warranties on all tails!

I originally started making horse tail extensions for my own horse. I had trouble paying a lot of money for a tail extension when I knew that I could get the materials much cheaper and make a better quality tail. I used my own tails for years but it didn't take long for friends to start asking me where I got my tails. After I made tails for friends and sold them at reasonable prices, they started to spread the word and I have been selling tails ever since!

I encourage you to ask me any questions! Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email! Thank you for looking!

Katelyn Marquette

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